This site was created by the frequent question we all ask: Emule is free? Yes, eMule is a free sharing and exchange files between users.

Is the client peer to peer more popular worldwide, you can download millions and millions of files of all kinds.

Here you can find free versions of the latest eMule 0.49c. Free Download eMule in English.

Free Download the new version of eMule 0.49c. Since version 0.48a emule is perfectly compatible with Windows Vista. After the installation to configure the ports to its internet connection, update lists of servers and ready for your download.

Free downloads eMule, download the new Freeware eMule 0.49c. Emule is the client p2p free, developed for fun and passion, non-profit, with no advertising inside.

Emule Acceleration Patch New version.

Emule Free. Released new version of the program eMule 0.49b to download programs freeware software producers or opensource and more.

Free Download Emule Shell Extension that allows you to understand what files to download File Part belong inside the folder Temp.

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